The voice on the throne, the Father, speaks this one time in all of Revelations in 21, 5-8. “Behold, I make all things new.” This is very interesting. In 21, 1 a new heaven and a new earth descend with a new Jerusalem. This indeed is something new, and the future board which we hope and yearn. But now, the Creator is making all things new. These are not new things, but that all things will be made as if new, as they were first when originally created, before the disorder of sin tainted all things, the visible creation. So, it seems that the Creator God is doing two things regarding news: entirely new things and the re-newing of all that already is.

This distinction is helpful because it is in fact the work of reconciliation, that nothing should be lost, victims and perpetrators alike, but that they should be made new. This is a very difficult aspect of the plan God has for all things, for us.

The past an all its things are not just turned away from and forgotten, but made new. This is the result of the forgiveness and healing in any authentic reconciliation. For example with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and our movement toward a “new creation”, making one province out of two, each has its own unique culture and history which we just don’t walk away from us. We carry them along because for over 50 years these structures and relationships gave meaning to our lives and directed the style of our ministries. I am wondering as much as we look forward into our future, which of these past things we be redeemed and made or incorporated into the new?

This truth must also surely be an important aspect of what happens in a marriage that is both past and present, and in a marriage in which a deep healing is taking place.

Alan Hartway

Theological Studies at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago IL; Master of Fine Arts, Poetics, at Naropa University, Boulder CO 1996; Master of Arts, Greek Classics, University of Colorado, Boulder CO 2012; Taught at Naropa University from 1999 through 2015; Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies from 2007-2015; Member of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, Kansas City Province since 1974; Pastor at Guardian Angel Catholic Church, Mead, CO, ministry from 2007-2020 Currently Retired

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